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Oakley is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and its sunglasses are among the most sought after eyewear, particularly for those who value performance in extreme conditions.

The brand’s legendary history, however, began with an invention of a very different kind. In 1975, Jim Jannard began with a motorcycle grip made of patented Unobtainium©, and with this, Oakley began the journey to becoming one of the top brand names.

The History of Oakleys

In 1984, Jannard used Unobtainium© again in his first sunglass design, the iconic Eyeshades©. These innovative shades were designed to offer the best sunglasses for athletes participating in outdoor sports. The material provided a slip-resistant grip, even when the wearer was sweaty, and the lenses wrapped around to offer superior peripheral vision as well. Sportsmen and women were thrilled. These action-oriented, impact-resistant designer sunglasses would pave the way for one of the largest and most recognizable eyewear empires in the world.

Known for edgy aesthetics and unconventional designs, Oakley is a brand that conveys athleticism, individuality, and cutting-edge performance to its global fan base. Oakley designers and engineers take pride in the blend of art and science that goes into their eyewear designs.

The company touts a stunning 600+ patents worldwide for its new product technologies, and it subjects its sunglasses to a rigorous testing process that simulates a variety of high-energy sporting events. As a result, the brand brings uncompromising quality to athletes and non-athletes alike. Whether you’re hurtling down the ski slopes or lounging on a tropical beach, these sunglasses help you do it in style and comfort.

Oakley: The Best New Designs, Frames, Lenses & Materials

Today, Oakley continues to set extremely high standards for manufacturing, materials, and functionality. In all three cases, the company strives to provide the very best designs made with the very best materials, bringing the resulting high-quality, high-fashion sunglasses to sports professionals and laymen alike. Whether you are looking for the perfect frame to suit your active lifestyle or are simply interested in owning the pinnacle in manufacturing process and design, look to Oakleys.

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